When selecting carpet for stairs, you need to think about durability, safety and style. These busy spaces require a material that will stand up to foot traffic and be easy to clean. There are many specialized options on the market that can help achieve this, but choosing the right one will take some considerations into account. This article provides a guide to the best carpets for stairs that balance industry standards with your ideas of style and comfort. The main things to look for include material, construction and density rating


The Best carpets for stairs are woven with tough fibers to reduce the risk of accidents and improve their lifespan. The most common material is nylon, which comes in various variations that are rated for different uses. The most durable stair carpets use type 6,6 nylon that is suited for high-traffic areas. You can also find nylon carpets with a polypropylene backing for added durability. If you want a natural alternative, try a wool or wool-blend carpet for its ability to resist crushing and staining.

You will also need to choose a carpet with the right density to provide cushioning and reduce noise levels. Stair carpets should have a minimum of 6 ounces per cubic yard. Higher-density fibers, like solution-dyed nylon, will have better fade resistance and superior stain-resistance, compared to untreated varieties. The most popular type of stair carpet has a cut pile, but there are also loop-pile styles. Many styles come in a herringbone pattern, which is an especially good choice for stairs because it creates a more visible tread that can help prevent slips and falls.

Color and texture should be considered as well. You want to avoid light colors on the stairs, which can show dirt more readily and become dingy quickly. Instead, consider darker shades that will complement or coordinate with your wood floors and furniture. Some manufacturers offer heathered options that feature subtle blends of complementary colors to hide dirt more easily.

Stair carpeting can be a beautiful accent to your staircase, but you need to consider your wood flooring and hardware when making a selection. A bright or dark carpet will stand out against lighter hardwoods, while a light or neutral shade will coordinate with the existing color of the wood.

You will need to select a carpet that is compatible with the rest of your home’s design aesthetic, as well as your budget. A natural fiber like wool will be more expensive but is a strong and attractive option for the top of your staircase. Synthetic plush styles in twisted or cut piles, such as nylon, polyester and triexta are a great alternative and will match many interior designs, while still providing an affordable stair carpet. Wool and a wool-blend are the best options for a natural feel. A closed-loop or herringbone woven style like Berber is another excellent choice, and it will provide a more stable and comfortable surface for your stairs.